Cycling Forward


I will start with a history of cycling and owning a bicycle in Nairobi and how he city bylaws and accommodation for cyclists licensing, parking, rules, drainage design and how old design still used on pedestrian paths – alongside pedestrian have changed, or not. I will also look at how the vestiges of old laws continue to impact the city’s rigid design. The half-hearted/piecemeal allocation of space or walking/cycling and street vendors whom I view as having a symbiotic conomic relationship that keeps the wheels of the city turning. There’s no prioritization of cycling and walking paths along the new infrastructure that considers it, you find electricity pylons, trees and all manner of masts placed on paths obstructively, without regard for how cyclist, pedestrians and persons living with disability navigate. Nairobi is still under construction in many ways, yet as we build, we are repeating the mistakes older cities elsewhere made. How can we learn from them and save ourselves money and time?

Author: Velma Kiome
Velma Kiome is a fundraising professional born, raised and living in Nairobi who commutes by Bicycle everywhere within 50 kilometers of her home. She has a passion for seeing that the streets of Nairobi are safe for all types of road users, including the old, persons with disabilities and children. She wants to encourage every ward resident in Nairobi to feel empowered to demand "complete streets" in their neighborhood.