How can Nairobi work for me?


My relationship with my city is injurious. He trips me, shoves me and beats me up. It is frustrating, very frustrating, being mocked, hurt and made to feel uncomfortable. Nairobi is a bully and mine is a miserable journey, always going out of my way to avoid harm. I don’t mean to sound dramatic but you have to understand that I am a VIP. Is it that Nairobi is not aware or is it that he chooses to ignore it? I am not demanding a Land Cruiser VX, I am quite happy walking the streets, except they are not well lit. I am special, needing preferential treatment. I need to feel safe, protected, loved and valued. Nairobi needs to be willing to bend over backward for my comfort. To do everything in his power to ensure my body is guarded. At this point, it is important to mention that I am neither a politician nor a politician’s child. Crossing the streets of Nairobi is a complex and a dangerous affair, one that continually threatens my life. When I got stitches for it, it was not that I was walking about carelessly but that the bus was being driven at over 50kmph- right in the middle of the city. When I got bruised for it, it was because the motorbike was speeding through the wrong side of the road. Gaping holes threaten to swallow me whole while poor lighting makes it impossible to maneuver the night. Will my concerns ever see the light of day? You may consider my issues common wishlist items, like the need to not share narrow footpaths with speeding motorbikes and overlapping vehicles. I consider my needs salient because I am VIP- a Visually Impaired Person. I wish it mattered to

Author: Sharon Tarus
Sharon Tarus is a Digital Communication consultant who is passionate about merging Storytelling with the opportunities made by new media for impactful change. Her educational background focuses on Communication & Marketing.

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